Inhabit Conference 2014


Inhabit 2014: Rooting & Linking

Yes, we need the local church to be a rooted tangible presence inhabiting the neighborhood! Yes, we need to join together with what God is doing in the concrete everyday life of the parish. But, the practice of rooting together in faith is only half the equation.

There has always been a polarizing tension between the deeply rooted localist and the networked globalist. Like modern political parties, each can use the worst tendencies of the other to ignore their own blind spots. The globalist scoffs at the insularity and multicultural ignorance of the localist, and the localist looks on shamefully at the cosmopolitan who remains disconnected from land, tradition, and the deep wisdom of relationships lived together over the course of time. We believe this is a false dichotomy.

We've become convinced that collaboration and unity in and across places as a "fabric of care" means we need to be both rooted and linked at the same time.

By rooting ourselves in a particular place we can respond, innovate and care for definable people and their realities, and by linking ourselves with other communities in their particular places, we can actually extend this fabric of care. Together, it's conceivable that we could join God at work in every area of our cities. That is, if we possess the humility and courage required for a such a venture.

Then, we will increasingly see that the Church is a networked public reality expressed in the day to day of life and not just in our separate buildings for worship.

We can't wait for April 25th and 26th to celebrate both our rooting and our linking for the renewal of all things.


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